Rhonda White from Terry White Chemists

Rhonda White from Terry White Chemists

Heath Kilgour from footytips.com.au

Heath Kilgour from footytips.com.au

Jason Titman from 4SME & The Chalk Hotel

Jason Titman from 4SME & The Chalk Hotel


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The Hive is a networking organisation. Built by a bunch of Melbourne based entrepreneurs, we get together to share advice, talk and hang out. Membership is free and easy, and everyone’s invited. The Hive now operates in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Watch one of our videos to learn more about The Hive (please excuse the shaky start!):

If you work for somebody else, run your own business, study business or have an idea and want to launch a venture then jump on board today.

The Hive is now active in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Check out the crew below:

Melbourne Team

Ross Hill

While studying Entrepreneurship at RMIT University Ross noticed the lack of informal entrepreneurship networks in Melbourne, so with a few mates he started The Hive – monthly drinks at a bar where a respected entrepreneur shares their journey. After working with Deloitte Digital and Deloitte Innovation he now grows engagement with Yammer, the enterprise social network.

Keep in touch at rosshill.com.au and follow on Twitter at @rosshill.

James Sanders
After graduating from the Entrepreneurship Program at RMIT University, James now works on the Innovation Academy at Deloitte Digital.

Anna Lee Anda
M.Sc (Information Systems) student @ University of Melbourne, from New Zealand. Loves travel, internet, web 2.0, CHI, reading etc.

Lisa Lang aka @lilainoz
BA of Media and Communication at Monash University, New Media Diploma at Merz Akademie (Germany).
Works at Sitepoint.

Brisbane Team

Mike Boyd

From a young age Mike Boyd could never understand the traditional practice of conformity that he saw in everyone around him. Going to school > then to University > onto a Job and a 30 Year career in cubicle > and finally retirement. He just didn’t feel like that was the right way to approach life.

As a result, Mike has always strived to be different. To be unique. To cut his own path through life. Starting his first business at age 11 selling lost golf balls, he made a whopping $32.50 profit and has never looked back. He went on to found an Aquarium Servicing business at age 16 & a Keg Hire company at 19.

Rebellious by nature, Mike insists on finding a cleverer and more interesting way of living life, having fun and of course, changing the world! He’s always working on something new and interesting, you can keep up with him at mikeboyd.com.au or follow him Twitter @MikeBoyd.

Nick McIntosh

Nick is impatient and demanding.  Two qualities that have pushed him towards the path of entrepreneurship and carving out his own niche away from the 9 to 5 world.

A man with a business mind, Nick just loves to sit down and puzzle out problems and analyse alternatives, especially when there is a dollar to be made.  He currently freelances to a number of companies providing business coaching and other services.

Nick’s a huge fan of lifestyle design and you’ll usually find him immersed in conversation discovering what is possible in this world.  Nick lurks on twitter @Nick_Mcintosh and he has a neglected blog at nickmcintosh.com.au

Walter Haas

Walter is an entrepreneur based in Brisbane where he manages his Information Technology consulting company Opticode. Walter has been an entrepreneur most his life starting off selling old magazines on the side of the road at age 5. He started his first company Lightworks Games in 2006 making mobile phone games for Windows Mobile before moving into business Information Technology consulting. Walter is also working on a number of proprietary products using cutting edge technology and social media which are still under development.

Sydney Team

Michelle Williams

Michelle became active in the entrepreneurial community of Sydney after spending 10 years providing marketing for the leadinInformation Communication Technology companies.

With an appreciation of the current possibilities for innovation in segments as diverse as technology, social, creative & business in general, Michelle acknowledges the current tools & support available make it a better time than ever to start-up your own business.

Michelle runs her own Marketing Consultancy Fulfil This which she regularly blogs from.  Michelle is developing her own startup in social/technology space. Michelle also runs other entrepreneurial events in the tech & social innovation space including the Lean Startup Circle.
Follow Michelle on Twitter @mia_will

Scott Middleton
Scott is involved in The Hive because he is keen to see a no strings attached event for young doers and entrepreneurial types.

Scott loves taking nothing and turning it into something. He’s done this with numerous ventures and projects. Right now Scott is honing his business development skills and learning a thing or two from some veterans in his field.